Nobodys’ Thinking About You

By Natasha Botkin 


A-ha, hopefully the title caught your eye.  No, this is not a put down about you or how much you are unloved.  Rather this is a moment of “nobody was ever thinking about you, anyhow.” – Elizabeth Gilbert quote of an unknown individual.  

Where did this stem from? The other day while I am walking along, my higher self and I are internally conversing, when I hear, “Goodness, just how old are you?” A lady had chosen in this moment, to decipher my wardrobe, but that is hindsight to her next comment, “I love when a woman has balls!”  

My response was, “Okay, you have my attention, what gives?” Upon which she repsonds, You are fearless to walk along here dressed in this manner-everyone else is dressed in workout gear.” I look at my clothing, I have on a simple red dress, gray tights, black knee high boots and my favorite brown cloak; in fact I look down right cute.  Or maybe that is what she was referring, too.  We continue to converse about how so many people are afraid to just be themselves; they worry so much about what others may say or do.  So, I ask, “Why did you ask my age?”  She responds with, “Darling, you have an air of an old soul, and yet I feel a heart of a child, you must really confuse people.”  I chuckle, “You have no idea!” 

We parted from our conversation, and my higher self chimes in, “See sweet girl, you know what you must do- now go forth with the fearlessness that you hold within.” 

I leave you with, be you: Dance as if no one is watching, jump in those puddles, have fun; because in truth “nobody was thinking about you.” 

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings, 




11 comments on “Nobodys’ Thinking About You

  1. You ARE downright cute! Happy New Year!

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  2. Great post, I agree it’s all about being in love with who we are and sharing with the world!

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  3. You are meant to stand out in this world and you do Natasha. Don’t ever change. Be You! The best version of YOU – you can be. You and I are not here to be a copy of someone’s idea about who we “should” be or what we are here to do. Follow your heart – it knows the way. Sparkle & Shine!

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  4. What a lovely blog post, Natasha! I love the synchronicity you’ve shared. ~ Often, a moment in time makes no sense, until we’ve had an opportunity to reflect on it to see the bigger picture and the powerful message/lesson it conveyed. Then all the dots connect. ~ Thank you for showing us how this all works! 🙂

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  5. Andrea says:

    What a sweet post. Thank you for sharing.


  6. Live fearlessly and authentically! What a beautiful message.

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