Nobodys’ Thinking About You

By Natasha Botkin 


A-ha, hopefully the title caught your eye.  No, this is not a put down about you or how much you are unloved.  Rather this is a moment of “nobody was ever thinking about you, anyhow.” – Elizabeth Gilbert quote of an unknown individual.  

Where did this stem from? The other day while I am walking along, my higher self and I are internally conversing, when I hear, “Goodness, just how old are you?” A lady had chosen in this moment, to decipher my wardrobe, but that is hindsight to her next comment, “I love when a woman has balls!”  

My response was, “Okay, you have my attention, what gives?” Upon which she repsonds, You are fearless to walk along here dressed in this manner-everyone else is dressed in workout gear.” I look at my clothing, I have on a simple red dress, gray tights, black knee high boots and my favorite brown cloak; in fact I look down right cute.  Or maybe that is what she was referring, too.  We continue to converse about how so many people are afraid to just be themselves; they worry so much about what others may say or do.  So, I ask, “Why did you ask my age?”  She responds with, “Darling, you have an air of an old soul, and yet I feel a heart of a child, you must really confuse people.”  I chuckle, “You have no idea!” 

We parted from our conversation, and my higher self chimes in, “See sweet girl, you know what you must do- now go forth with the fearlessness that you hold within.” 

I leave you with, be you: Dance as if no one is watching, jump in those puddles, have fun; because in truth “nobody was thinking about you.” 

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings, 




Ode to the Stretch Mark

By Natasha Botkin 

heart spiral

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend,  “How did you do this alone, how were you a mom to not one, but two autistic boys, all on your own?  I honor you.”

I have always felt blessed that the divine choose me to be their mom.  Through the good, the bad and the ugly times; raising two autistic boys on my own was not easy: there were many moments of tears, a mama grizzly bear ready to swipe anyone who would harm her cubs.  Then there is the laughter, the joy of raising, guiding, seeing their shining moments.

My unproud moment was the affects, and I offer a sincere apology to all women.  I am sorry that I have pointed, mawked, and been down right ashamed of my stretch marks, my beloved honoring me, saying , “You would be gorgeous in a bikini.” My response, “Oh yuck, with these?  Yeah, no!”

Today, something stopped me in my tracks, I was looking and sighing at “them.”  Then, I read somewhere: “There are some women who wish that they had stretch marks, and have not been given that oppotunity….”

I am truly sorry to the divine, to my beautiful self and to all women.  No matter how you became a mother, that does not matter, you are a mom and that is the most important aspect.  However, with that said, as a tribute to all women, I will wear these stretch marks with pride and honor for all women, moms.

My request, is that you too, join in and honor all women and shine your stretch marks as the beauty that you truly are!!

white rosebud with pink tipsMuch Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings, 


In the Wisdom of the Snapdragon

by Natasha Botkin


I am enjoying a quiet, peaceful moment in my garden.  The songbirds in full melodic harmony.  I glance up from my writing, and smile at the resilience of this beautiful snapdragon.  Shhhh, please do not say to this snapdragon that it is an annual.  I do not recall how long I have had this gorgeous plant.  This elegance defies the oddity of the norm.  I completely adore the resilience of this flowering beauty.  I find in this plant a dynamic harmony, to not give up, stand out and to be one with themselves.  This is such wonderful wisdom to be shown.

As part of my gifts, I am one with nature, and flowers help me to heal as well as heal others.  So, for this beauty proudly standing up and saying, I am here for you dear is deliciousness in the most wonderful way.

From a flower therapy stand point, the healing meaning is releasing anger, healing one’s voice, communication with an enhancement of loving words.  The incredible message brings forth from the most loving manner via faeiries, angels and the divine.  After all it is all about love and communicating through love coming from a loving manner.

The snapdragon is a gentle reminder of the vitality of life.  That no matter what one says about you, feels about you; that is their opinion and belief; this does not make you, you.  Stand proud and tall and be the love that you are.

I’ve watched this particular plant weather through many a storms: literally and figuratively.  Together we have walked in manners that others have questioned; you are not like, we.  Okay, your problem, not mine.  I, will take this lovely advice from the Snapdragon: Stand proud and tall while communicating in a loving manner. What others say is their words, and their words may not herald the truth.

Thank you dear faeries, angels and the divine for allowing me to share in this beautiful wisdom.  May you too, proudly stand tall and be the beauty that you are voicing from a place of love. 

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings, 



Shout Let It All Out

by Natasha Botkin 

Recently, I observed a lovely young woman walking across the parking lot.  Other drivers clearly annoyed that she seemed to be off in a distant thought or misery.  I patiently sat waiting for her to cross with her two young children.  The little girls dancing and singing, while their mom well- she looked as if she was a walking robot- someone who has given up.

Sadly, she did not even recognize that she had lost one of her shopping bags.  I hopped out of my vehicle, picked this up for her and asked if she needed anything.  Her response was anything, but demure, basically hollering at me “Get me out of this life,  I used to be like my girls happy and now I am beyond miserable, no one listens to me!”  She grabbed her shopping bag and stormed off.

I sat for a moment looking at my rear view mirror.  Tear popped into my eyes, for not only this beautiful young woman, but also for me.  In all honesty, I have been there.

As a child, I was so happy and free.  One could locate me hanging upside down in a tree (yes with my dress over my head, panties showing–whoopsie), splashing in a puddle, creating the most magical mud pies or dancing among the flowers, fairies and forest creatures.

Unfortunately, my family had no sense of how dearly special I am.  They found me annoying, too busy, too free.  Often, I would hear sit still.  Can’t you be quiet and finally, sit down and shut up.

In my teen years, I was often found to be at home all alone, singing at the top of my lungs trying to procure happiness of any kind and still would be told to be quiet. One day as a young woman, I sat down and shut up.  Was it due to the domestic violence, was it that no matter what I said, no one would listen?  I am not sure, a cloak of invisibility went on in the teen years and more so as a very, young mom, t-shirts, leggings, rarely did I dress up.

Then one day, my dress style began to show.  Something began to emerge, slowly and I mean slow as molasses, slowly. Better late, than never….

One day during a meeting, I spoke up, others shocked that I had said, what I had just said.  Internally, me saying enough, there is no reason, to sit idly by and be told to basically shut up via the admintrator. After the meeting, I, clearly recall a co-worker looking at me, and saying, “It’s about damn time your finally showed up.” 

From there, the cloak of invisibility began to feel heavy, hurt, headaches, migraines, neck aches, shoulder aches.  I slipped this off and went hmmm, maybe.  Slowly, the cloak of invisibility to sliding further and further until, it was off.  In real life, I do have a cloak, love it, but I know when to place this on and when to take it off.  There is no more hiding, I am here to shine, to shout, to let it all out.

Sorry fellows, this is for all the lovely, beautiful ladies who forgot their beauty.  In fact fellows, you all have mothers, sisters, lovers, partners, but most importantly, you have daughters.  Teach these beautiful young ladies to shine and shine in a beautiful manner!

Ladies. we deserve to sing from the most special places of our hearts: Light, shine, dance, free…. It’s Time!!

For some this may seem difficult, off. That’s okay, I am quite alright with my quirkiness.  It is a natural part of my shining beauty. We at the Magical  Blessings Healing Center would love to help you break out of your cocoon to shine.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings


Does it Really Matter?

by Natasha Botkin

With Luna’s full moon, I found myself releasing all over the place.  Out of the chaos, beauty emerged.  Well, that and a whole lot of “crappola” is now gone.  Bye-Bye is what I would like to say. There was no  need to think about the process, rather just go with the flow of it all.

With a major door slamming, I have no idea what the mysterious abyss will bring.  I am walking in the peaceful beauty and enjoying the present moment.  I wish for you to be able to release whatever “crappola” that one needs to release.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings,


The Ugly Truth

by Natasha Botkin 

ugly truth

The truth is not always glamorous.  Sometimes when it shows up, it is down right U-gly.  That’s the beauty of it all.  One has the ability to accept their truth or deny it.

In my vlog, I describe a moment in time when my ugly truth showed up.

It’s meaning to me….well you will need to view the vlog to find out.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings,


Begin Anew

by Natasha Botkin 

Generally my heart’s energy purrs like a well-oiled motor, and then when it turns into a massive generator, I really perk up.  One thing that resonates with me through divine channels is “that was then and this is now; wipe the slate clean.” -Amel  

This began days before my latest moments with my BeLoved Twinflame.  A beautiful moment of pure joy and love, both of us leaving behind the old.  Leaving behind the old to begin anew.  One point me making a statement, and he cleverly saying “tsk, tsk, ‘that was then and this is now,’” in a quite playful manner.

Did this appear for him, for me, for we, for us?  Begin anew.  The definition to anew isNatasha (Princess) and Roy (Knight) to begin in a new, positive way.  All of this just days before the Black Super New Moon.  As my BeLoved made this statement, my heart generator began to hum, me placing my hand near my heart and shining my love and light to him.  “Wipe the slate clean, begin anew, love anew dear Tru, for I will always love you.” -Amel

No matter the what, may you be able to wipe the slate clean.  May you be able to begin anew.

Over and over this has resonated through me.  It is not only our love that is anew; other ways of thinking, being are anew.  The message that Amel brings forth is, “Dear ones wipe your slate clean, listen to your heart and dance like no one is watching. Your dance may be individual or with a partner, all in all may your heart fill anew with love.  Dance, sing, love.”-Amel 

Much Love and Light

Magical Blessings, Natasha