Endless Magic

by Natasha Botkin 

There are no accidents in life; everything is part of one’s dream.  Yes, even the tough stuff has been destined to you per one’s agreement pro esoteric form.

Today, a gentleman opened up magical possibilities of awe and wonder for me.  This destiny paving the way for something far greater.  His gift seemed simple and in a way it is.  It looks to another like a polished rock.  Aww, it is not.  As a crystal elder, I should be able to name the crystal, and yet I could not; but, upon placing it in my hand, the crystal began to vibrate and gently sing.

There were no exchange of what was happening; he knew he had delivered the crystal to it’s owner –  he pleased and me delighted to be the receiver.

Awww, dear crystal I am incredibly excited for all the possibilities that you will open me up for.  I am truly blessed in many, many ways!!  270666_428571330511863_201485634_n

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings,



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