A New Approach to Mercury Retrograde

by Natasha Botkin 

Poor Mercury what did this dear planet ever do to humans.  Why is this planet getting so much flack.  This planet represents clear thinking, communication, truth and travel.  During a retrograde, it appears that Mercury is spinning backwards.

Some may say that this causes electronics to go haywire.  Some may agree that communication is difficult.

This can be viewed from a negative propensity.  However, one can turn this around and view this as a truly a beautiful sacred gift.  It is a gift.

Mercury is presenting one with a way to honor themselves.  How better to honor one’s self with a gift of truthful communication.  A gift of communicating and traveling to be your true authentic self.  For too long humans have created a vortex of negativity about Mercury, and yet Mercury presents a great gift.  When one truly turns inward and communicates with their heart and soul (higher self), one is truly able to communicate avidly with another.  

Thus Mercury presents ever so often the opportunity to let go of the distractions, go deep inside and release that which no longer should be able to rest within one’s self.  Only then can you be the true you.  

Thank you Mercury for helping us to cycle back and reflect the lessons of our spiral.  By granting us the ability to let go of a the lesson.

May you be able to change the angle of the camera lens and receive this wonderous gift. 

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings



Your Beautiful Heart

by Natasha Botkin


Sitting in my garden, I know that I am beginning to write.  What, hmmmm?  You see, I write this blog from heart and divine spirit.  Someone recently said, I seem scattered, I need more clarity; this individual coming from a place of love.  I patiently listened, and then turned inward.  People can say what they feel. Essentially,  the most important is that I listen to my truth and you listen to your truth.  No two persons’ truths are the same.  Yes one may have a similar path; yet, this is their path and their path alone.

People will help guide, suggest, even wish to lead one’s path.  Part of the lesson, is to turn inward and listen to your own heart’s wisdom.  

Recently, I wrote a blog about others wanting to bombard me with their ideas.  Is it ideals or beliefs?  Is it safe to write this here?  I have found others wishing to turn my words around to their own fancy, what works for them, their belief, their ego.

Divine messages can and will appear in many forms through signs, people and such.  It’s with one’s own guidance that is the necessary component.

Me turning inward listening to the wisdom of my heart. 

I know what my heart says or rather feels.  Our hearts are the santity of our life.  One can live without parts or even partial parts of their body.  One cannot live without their heart.  The adage “heart and soul,” super true.  Truer than most suspect.

It all flows back to what’s in your heart.

At the Magical Blessings Healing Center, we can help one transforming,  unblocking and begin to understand their truth, their true heart.  MagicalBlessingsHealingCenter

There is a June monthly special for individual sessions on the about us page and on the services page lists more details.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings, 


Cancel, Clear , Delete

By Natasha  Botkin 

goddess heart

It all began with an email, I looked at it and went what, is this a joke?  A dear soul I adore wrote me something that made no sense.  I stepped back and asked for the divine feminine wisdom deep within me to herald forward.

Did the answer show right away? No, in fact,  another bizarre email appeared, same sender. Archangel Michael, please help, what is this?  Why am I being given these details?  Then another email from another that held bits and pieces of truth…

Again, I felt lost.  Why is this happening?  I have so much to contend with as of late, please no more.

My heart holds incredible wisdom.  I turned to my inner goddess, show me, give me signs, symbols, help me.  One by one the signs showed, the symbols arrived.  My heart opening up fun bits and pieces.

Then an article breezed my way and the words “magical new beginnings” appeared.  My heart, she began to sing and hum; I chimed into my intuition.  I stopped and listened to the gentle rain and birds singing so sweetly.  Read with care dear one, answers lie within.  I began to read this article and each word, sentence, began to answer what my heart knew; listen to my heart.

I sat there happy, internally dancing.  Victory! Score! One for Natasha’s Heart!  The motion was put forth, go with the flow; a heart full of truth and great love. Me singing to Luna, oh thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Perfect timing with the full moon!!  

What happened next was pure sweetness!  A tarot card that read Cancel, Clear, Delete. Archangel Michael saying, “Only use positive thoughts.”  I knew, what this meant, the past month has been intense!  I recently had lupines dance my way to remind me of “positive thoughts,” and now all of this love from the angels, fairies, goddess’, luna, mother gaia, solia, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.  I am so graciously and magically blessed!!

My heart knows its truth and those who wish to sidetrack me, so not happening!  My heart wins a victory!!  I say to myself, “That a girl!  You KNOW your stuff!” Magical Blessings Business card logo

Much Love, Much Light and Magically Blessings, 



What Does Your Heart Desire?

By Natasha Botkin 

heart spiral

What does you heart desire? It seems like such a simple question, and in truth it is.  One’s heart can have simple truths, desires; the ego creates the complexity.

You see, recently, I made a bold statement of what my heart desires, and I have created chaos in others perspectives.  Some are having a difficult time with what my heart is calling out for. I have spent most of my life, living for others.  So, on the outside world, my heart’s desires may seem selfish.  In truth, it is not.  It is what my heart desires and sometimes one has to make a bold statement, move and just plain stand in their own power.  All of which I am doing.  What will happen, I am not sure.  I absolutely, love (not really, it’s kind of annoying really) when people believe that I have all of my answers.  The jest of what is occurring for me is a huge shift in the consciousness and my expanding for more room in my aura, esoteric body, mental state and so forth, the works in other words.  I can feel the spiral pulling me up, and others weighing me down.  Let me go, let me be free to who I truly am here to be.

So, if I make a bold statement, be sure to know that I have turned inward to seek what I, my heart truly desires and be there to support me.  Please do not attempt to disallow, rather support, and yep if I falter, be there when I do.  Ascending into mastery is not as easy as it may seem; in fact it’s down right difficult.  As I write, tears pour out of my soul, releasing and letting go that which does not serve me.  Allowing me to as one may say level up, ascend, hear my heart, hear my heart roar like a lion.

Ask your heart what it’s true desires are?  Get real quiet and turn inward.  Only you can hear your absolute truth and your heart’s desires.

Much Love, much light and Magical Blessings,


The Ugly Truth

by Natasha Botkin 

ugly truth

The truth is not always glamorous.  Sometimes when it shows up, it is down right U-gly.  That’s the beauty of it all.  One has the ability to accept their truth or deny it.

In my vlog, I describe a moment in time when my ugly truth showed up.

It’s meaning to me….well you will need to view the vlog to find out.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings,


Step up and Be the True You

By Natasha Botkin

OrchidAs I was practicing yoga, the young woman on the video, kept cutting herself down, and would say, “sorry, I’ll stop making my lame jokes.” It was as if, she was looking off at someone saying, “don’t, stop.”  I like her yoga videos not just for her gentle ways of providing yoga, but also for her sense of humor. I sat there in a pose, breathing and my mind wandered to “do I do that…”

Later on in the day, I found myself doing just that.  I am known to have a quirky personality and a different sense of humor, or so I am told.  That’s just it. That’s someone else’s belief, not mine.  I am perfectly fine being quirky, it is what makes me, me.  My humor, is sweet and off-key to some, but again, it is me.

This left me with my mind to wander even more.  A web weaving out to grasp what needs to come forth.  What makes me stop, famila patterns and beliefs.  My family, did not enjoy me at all.  That’s their problem and not mine; their loss.  I am okay with that, it has taken years, and now I am at a place of peace with it all.

Another pattern began to show, and this one took a good week to surface and when she did, I was left with OMG! My past lives want to come forth. This regal lady very much wants the world to hear her truth.  I had to place boundaries. You see, the similarities between us is breath-taking.  I recently saw a portrait of her and wow, she looks like me or she would say I look like her. Either way, our lives in the dream bring forth a similar baseline.  An unhealthy need for her to wish to live life.

She should have been a powerful Duchess; she was not able to live her life as she would like. A small voice in me, kicks and fights screams, “No man will make me live my life this way.” Not truly understanding where that would come from.  The sad state was the parallel similarities.  She was not able to choose who she wished to marry, she was told who she would marry; and she did fall massively in love with her Duc.  During her life women did not have that luxury. Me, forced to marry one,trying to keep the family happy.  Both men were adulterous and for the most part the Duc was not violent with her.  Me, I am the survivor of intense domestic violence, and beyond thankful to be out! She lived in a home that was not her chosing, with furnishings that were not her own.  Can I say me too?

This came forth about a week ago, piece by piece like a puzzle.  I looked in the mirror and spoke to her when a major piece came together.  “Duchess, I am not you, you are not me. Yes, we are in the dream together; and yet, we do not live life in the same esoteric form.”  Me telling her, you cannot, nor will not do this to me.  Again the parallel similarities uncanning.  This one hers and hers alone.  I never fully understood why I work at this current location, needing to be freed.  It is not for me, and I do not fit in and have had so many unnecessary bumps and bruises from the others who do not wish me to be there.  The Duchess and I come to a full understanding that she cannot live my life.  I lost the love of my life, by her doing so.  Is that fair to me?  She screams, “No, I didn’t mean to.”  Me explaining to her, just who the love of my life is.  Her Duc, in her lifetime, it is her Duc, who she loved so much before his affair. In my lifetime, it is Roy, my BeLoved, the love of my life (the one I chose).

The Duchess proclaiming, “Oh no, I am so sorry! What will happen? You need him, you love him. He needs you, He loves you.”  The angels are still not spilling the beans and I know that the elders of our crystal realm have stepped in.  Is this a love story for all times….

Much Love, Light and Magical Blessings,


Receiving Does Not Make One Weak

Receiving Does Not Make One Weak

By Natasha Botkin

If we look at the genus name  or the eucalyptus flower, it is derived from the Greek eu, meaning “well”, and kalyptos, eucalyptus flowermeaning “cover.” This name refers to the well-covered flower buds – a very fruitful tree.  If we look to ancient symbolism this is a tree of wealthy abundance and foretelling.  If we look to an angelic meaning this about removing the barriers to allow your angels to assist you in receiving your miracles.

Almost a year ago, I was given the idea of “if you build it they will come.” Now, I have to admit, I took this a bit too literal and thought love the movie Field of Dreams and enjoy baseball; but have no desire to build a baseball field in the middle of a farm.  My angels find me quite humorous and shake their heads, no, no that is not what we mean.

Eventually, I did understand their meaning and this began an enormous journey.  Much of which is still progressing, much like a work in progress. I, so wish I could say that transformational mystery school of Atlantis was up and running. You see, I have had to learn to adjust to receiving.

One thing that I have a bad habit of, is being the naysayer and sage that people seek out; yet, do they truly help, assist me.  No, in truth they greedily grab the love and light, and my dear sweet soul is like, we are done with that.  You need to receive , there is no way you can continue on, alone on this journey.  I remind Amel, what about Tru.  She smiles, “Aw our BeLoved, what about him?”  My response, “he is supposed to join me in his esoteric form, and yet my BeLoved Twin Flame plays with the demonic ego allowing his ego to be fed of the lies; how will he ever join me, if he continues to allow the lies to hurt him, hurt me, hurt we.  One moment, we are in sync and all is well and the next, he is off lost in translation fueling himself with fear. ” Amel reminds me, “Patience dear one.” Add in a million sighs, yes I do have my own downward moments and that is one that makes me sigh a deep heavy, are you kidding me kind of sigh.

Sorry, I was off on a tangent.  Anyways, receiving is not easy for me.  I used to think due to old pattern and beliefs that it was a sign of weakness; “a strong person can do it all.” If I look to my maternal grandmother, she did it all, my maternal grandfather quite immature and held down a job, but that was about it.  Pretty much the same for the paternal grandparents as well.  So I learned to take care of me, by being independent.

One of my dear crystal children students recently told to me, “Ms. Botkin, you cannot do it all. You are tired by just trying to be you. Do people know how tough it is to do the things we cannot speak.  These stupid humans do not see, nor will they.”  Out of the mouth of babes!  Well said my dear one!

In truth, it was lies that my ego fed me.  I cannot do it all.  I am weary, I need help.  In steps that symbolic reminder from my angels of the sweet eucalyptus flower.  One this is about wealthy abundance and allowing me to receive.  This is a work in progress, one moment I receive a beautiful pillow from a friend and the next I am, oh dear.  As a child, I was the “do over” queen.  So I have to press the “do over” button and begin anew.

The eucalyptus flower calling out to me, reminding me. I am sitting back and allowing my angels to work their miracles with me, guide me by allowing the ability to receive.  As Archangel Michael has stated, “You are much stronger when you teach, step back and allow you students to do this on their own; however, dear, you also need to be the student of allowing and receiving. Miracles abound dear one.” 

May you also allow the ability to receive.  Much Love and Light!

Magical Blessings, Natasha