Peaceful Ascension

By Natasha Botkin 

Recently as I drove down the road watching commuters battling out for a space in the line of traffic, I sat back and thought why?  Why does one cram themselves into a line that does not go much further than one car length.  This brought me back to a conversation with my spiritual teacher.  Steer the course, do not ver to the left or right.  A song plays over the speakers, the lyrics of a change, a battle, of peace….

Which brought me back to a moment, a moment of an exchange with a wise woman.  A stranger really to me, all of my life, I have people stop and tell me their life stories.  My children often asking why would a stranger tell me that?  I have just accepted that people come to me to tell their stories.  Sometimes, they need a wise voice of innate wisdom to shine forward without judgement, without conviction, a person to listen, to help them release this.  Satinglass spiral

This lady looked at me and said, “Wow an ascended one, I’ve never met one in person before and you look nothing like I would think an ascended one should look like.”  I remember looking at her and wondering, but not saying anything, as I knew she had a story that she would share; and what a beautiful story it was.  It wasn’t the story; it was what she said, this was years ago; “ascended, ascension; isn’t for  the faint of heart and it will take much energy, love and light dear one, be prepared as it will come and you will easily glide up the spiral.” 

At the time, I was preparing for a major divorce and custody battle.  Little did I know that was much easier than ascension.  My spiritual teacher will gently guide me, and yet the human psyche at first wanted the ego to rage, bark and scream.  Almost like a two-year old not being allowed to have a cookie before dinner.  Yet, this is going to happen, go with grace and it will come with ease.  Some has been filled full of ease, and some would be easier to deal with a two-year old having a tantrum.

Come back to peace, love and light.  In steps the next wise woman, I am walking in the store and ran right into her.  She remarks, “Darlin, get your head out of the clouds.”  I look her, smile and say,“Ha clouds, that too easy, try galactic travel or what dimension did I float off to, traversing the mundane of today’s humanistic mess.”  She smiled and replies, “Ascension is not easy, especially in the modern ways.  You do not look like one, so many may not even realize. It’s not the appearance; it’s the light, the love that matters.” 

I am a special education, so I am a pro at what is called “wait time.”  Well, I am a pro with others, “wait time,”  me well in truth, I am not usually a slow learner, and  yet, may need an accelerated IEP to slow my horses, so to speak. (As my spiritual teacher often says, “Dear the Aries in you.”)   I look at her and wait, she smiles a big grin and says, “Dear one, you are doing much better than you give yourself credit for; however patience is necessary. The biggest patience that you need is your own transformation to ascension. you are almost across that bridge to a major level up, be patient.  Years ago, you were told that you do not look like an ascended one, in truth, you’re a more modern version. Your spiritual mentor has recently given you knowledge of the changes that will come.”  Then she smiles and says, “Be Kind, Rewind,” and instance is gone, I look around the aisle and do not see her.

Slowly, I approach the checkout; barely able to speak to anyone, and yet like moths to the light people dance around me.  I pay for my items and sit in my vehicle.  No thoughts, nothing, just sit and allow the wisdom that was also downloaded settle and absorb into my light.

The latest wise woman, was the same week as recent the crystal light activation January 2015, the full moon and just after the winter solstice.  It has taken me a bit to settle into the next step.  One moment, I am walking in the divine feminine goddess of innate wisdom that heralds the divine wisdom of love and light; and the next I am submerged in a hot bath trying to release the negative energies that seems to want to invade my aura.

And in truth, I do not wear flowy robes, probably never will. I am more of a mover. singer, dancer with the heart of a youth filled full of love and light. Hence the comment “Be Kind, Rewind.” Go back to my heart, my joy, my peaceful grace.  One thing that has come about with the crystal light activation is peace, harmony and joy.  We need much more of it.  If ya feel like dancing, dance; if you feel like singing, sing.  Life is to be lived and enjoyed with a beauty that is deep within us all.

Magical Blessings of love and light!




‘Just Be’ Present

Just Be Present Meditation

By Natasha Botkin

The ‘Just Be’ Present Meditation arrived from my higher self, Amel.  The story has romantic moments and moments of sadness,  A week ago was pure bliss.  My twin flame appeared in my life, and we spent the most wonderous ‘Just Be’ moments enjoying the love that we hold for one another.  We parted and a few days passed.

My BeLoved texted me Marry Christmas, and I smiled with his fun-loving self.  Yet, as the day progressed, the effects of cloud nine settled; I found myself longing to return to his embrace. My ego relentless with why can’t I see him, I need to see him and wondering why his ego keeps him away.  When my dear higher self Amel, reminded me, ‘Just Be’ in the moment.

Moments later the ‘Just Be’ Present Meditation surfaced from my heart and soul.

May you to enjoy this meditation and ‘Just Be’ Present and in the moment.  Butterfly Lavender

Much love and light to you!

Magical Blessings



Pure Tenderness

By Natasha Botkin 

We are faced with moments.  The beauty is to ‘just be.’  Just be in the moment is much easier said than done.  Even with the best of intentions a mind can wander and voila, the ‘just be’ moment has now shifted to the ego feeding.

Recently, I lay in my BeLoved’s arms feeling happy and peacefully content with unconditional love.  I could feel his soul happily dancing right beside me, and yet, I could also feel his ego stirring.  How did we get to this place.  How did one text turn into twenty-fours hours of two individuals spending a wonderful moment in time.  Neither of us were sure; one thing was for certain, we wanted to enjoy our time together.

As his ego complained, I laid in the state of ‘just be’ and allowed my soul to encompass the totality of our Twin Flame selves; one soul, two lives. Celebrating our love in the way that suited us best at that moment.


My mind drifted to, we signed up to do this dance before we were even born.  I have loved you in numberless forms, in numberless times in life after life, age after forever my heart knows better than my mind…

I could tell when my BeLoved was speaking from his soul; understanding the totality of what Tru was saying to his BeLoved Amel. He used the word when we separated, his soul and just being.  Then fear would encroach on his ego and the ego would spit out its venom and the human form cringed.  It was not easy, at one point, I rattled back “we cannot hide who we truly are,” and my higher self walked in and brought out words of love. Creating a special space of ‘just be’ in the moment with the man who you love; and enjoy this moment, leaving us with more graceful moments.  My BeLoved’s soul reaching out to hold me so dearly and tenderly; a beautiful hug and kiss, moments of our gentle, tender love.

What will happen, what will be…the essense is return to the truth of the heart, soul and allow joy, peace and harmony to freely flow in a playful manner; just be.

Much Love and Light

Magical Blessings


Winter Solstice Interlude

By Natasha Botkin     Mother Gaia Tree Earth


Normally, I am on overdrive, a fast paced personality. Others asking me to rest or take a moment to slow down.  Now, from my typical pace, I have slowed down, and yet I know that others would disagree.  I hear the call of the birds, nature, mother Gaia.

Winter Solstice is approaching and mother Gaia is slowing her pace, by beginning the earth’s turning at a slower rate.  I feel the rev of my internal engine begin to slow its pace.  Ordinarily, I would take a day, a brief moment of rest or as my BeLoved would say zonk out from being on overdrive for too long.

I recall a conversation that we once had, we were newly in love, and on our way home from a magical weekend.  I was nervous with the standstill traffic, would we make it in time to pick up my youngest son, and my BeLoved would be meeting my youngest son for the first time that evening.  Am I ready for this, my mind drifted, when I hear, “I have ADHD.”  I return, snap to the sound of his voice almost spitting out the beverage in my mouth and respond, “Are you kidding me, you are more mellow than I am.”  He smiled one of his, as I would begin to learn, patient smiles and the wisdom that would ensue shined forth, ever gentle, ever patient, teaching me to slow down.

He shares with me his ways of slowing down.  I look at him and say, “I meditate, I practice yoga.”  Again that gentle smile of wisdom as the conversation continues.  With our seperation, I have once again picked up a quick pace. 010

Snap, we are back to this moment in time. The dishwasher konked out and the flat line is not a thrilling moment to one with a busy life.  Yep, God takes drastic measures to grab my attention. The angels smile, she is our “soap opera, let’s pop some popcorn.”

Now I am smiling as I recall that moment in time with my BeLoved. The boys are washing and drying the dishes while I am making salmon chowder.  Something inside is listening, slow down, breath.  The mother in me says slowly breath.  Time to prepare for the winter.

My body is slowing its pace, breathing and feeling mother Gaia guide me.  I lay down to rest, relax. Yes I can go into deep meditation, almost comatose; however my true nature is the engine that revs along at a high rate of speed and then crashes.  I hear the ravens, the seagulls, the blue jays. I can feel mother Gaia guide me to a deep meditation.  Slow down, rest, relax. Prepare for the winter, prepare your body to freely play at a slower pace.  You need this.  Rest, write about it, others need to rest and slow their pace.  I am become one with mother Gaia’s guidance, slowing my pace and enjoying this wonderful wisdom that had been brought forth.  Mother Gaia resting

May you also slow your pace and rest.  Ask mother Gaia to guide you; she will gladly guide you.

Much Love and Light.

Magical Blessings


Simplicity is Graceful

by Natasha Botkin

Butterfly Lavender

I am not sure where this pattern or belief happened; complexity is for the strong.  The stronger you are the more that you can achieve.  I do not know how many times, I have heard someone call me wonder woman/supermom.

Grace is simple.  Grace is pure.   Grace is simplicity at its core.  Through life, I have tackled, taken on more than most.  I can accomplish more in a day than many often can in a week.  I would look at others and think, why is this true and the ego would fulfill a falsehood.  A misconception that would haunt me; create an inner turmoil that I need to do this and that; an essence that atta girl would create a internal, chaotic mess.  I do not know how many times, I could not sleep, because this or that was not finished.  How can I put more into more day?

Then one day, something began to transform, change.  I looked back and realized that I was driving myself into a stressful confusion.  I fought an intense battle of cancer; did this mentality bring this on.  The famila adage was keep busy, busy hands keep the cobwebs away.  Often times as a child I was found upside down in a tree, my dress over my head swinging back and forth, happy and giggling.  When did this simplicity alter?  Does that truly matter; that was then and this is now.

As a child, I was so joyful and filled with grace.  As an adult, I began to look for perfectionism.  I can now look back and realize that part of this hampered due to domestic violence.  The more I was controlled, the more I wanted everything so perfect.  In the end, I hurt me and was diagnosed with a rare form of bone tumor, refusing to give up.  I am thrilled to say that I am 8.5 years in remission; give it a couple of months and it will be 9.  YEAH!!

I cannot say that this was an overnight sensation.  My spiritual growth was slow.  I have two special needs boys on the autistic spectrum and they became my focus.  Slowly one moment at a time, I began to awaken.  Looking in the mirror, I was shocked to see the person looking back at me.  Later, I went to an event, sitting there I was feeling quite uncomfortable; I had become more of an introvert than previously.  Now I have always held an introvert manner; but this was more so.  When a total stranger approached me and said, “You are the most beautiful woman, no wait you are simply elegant.”  Graciously, I accepted her compliment and went along to live life.

Yet, the statement that she stated held in the back of my mind.  I began to surrender to grace, allow a simple grace to remodel me.  My mentality, my stance, more importantly my head held higher.  Other things transformed, my dress became more simpler, my makeup was less, my hair became styled on its own.  Simple, graceful, simply elegant filled with an air of elegance.  A pep in my step, a giggle in my laugh, a twinkle in my eye.  In other areas, life became more simple.

white rose stem             Life does not have to have extra complications.

Life can be more joyful with a graceful simplicity.


Much Love and Light

Magical Blessings



Tides of Change

By Natasha Botkin        cropped-magical-blessings-business-card-logo.png


In the past 24 hours, so much has changed.  Source speaks to me in a variety of ways: angels, people, animals, signs and so forth.  Here is where my older son’s comment enters, “Have you ever thought of YouTube?”  My immediate response was….“What? Why?”  My son who is quite the techie looked at me and smiled.  Once upon a time, I was technologically savvy.  After Windows 98 arrived,  my knowledge become like the norm.

I let it go, and moved through an incredible full moon release and clearing while enjoying the  feeling of transformation by leveling up the spiral of ascension.  Then as I am walking along one of my favorite places in my city; the waterfront.  I see the beaches littered with debris.  Wow, this full moon was massive for the tides.  No wonder it was such a major release for me.   Tides of change are taking place.  I can feel it.  At this point in time, I am not quite sure what the it is.  However, I do know that a major shift has happened and the cloak of invisibility is fading away even more.

As my sweet dog,  and I walked along the waterfront; something popped up.  “You are still too hidden; you need to change your webpage–you need your photo.” -source

An internal siren sounded and my concentration was gone.  I floated out to sea with the dear seal that swam along with me as I walked; my mind walking in the mist that hung over the sound near a local island.  My photo, I am not sure, if I am ready for that.

One thing that I do is allow source to show me signs, so that way I know it is not ego speaking.  Hours later, I am working on my laptop and up pops a photo. A photo of a wonderfully happy moment.  I look at it and say, well okay; here goes nothing.  I visited the Magical Blessings Healing Center Facebook webpage and updated the photo.  I looked at it and saw the happy moment of love as  I snapped this photo.  The love of my life worked graveyard and I worked days; so he would text me Goodnight and I would text him Goodmorning.  So a happy moment of love and snap.

This is now the Magical Blessings Healing Center Facebook photo. 009

A happy, dance and a huge transformation towards losing more of the cloak of invisibility,  fading away.

Much love and light!

Magical Blessings





Transforming Full Moon


By Natasha Botkin 



Lately, it seems that my blogs are about releasing, clearing, removing.  This has herald an angelic essence.  Dear angels what am I to bring forth?  What do you wish me to say through my conduit intuitive heart nature?

Full Moon Ice Castle

The momentum was building.  The signs were placed all around me,  As I allowed, as I surrendered, more signs showed.  A feather floating through my classroom, reminding me to not give up.  A penny placed near my vehicle to remind me to breathe as my angels are with me.  The most intense one was when the moth flew through my classroom, and my students wanted to freak out and kill it.  It was like my heart, soul screamed no and out pops;” it’s a beautiful moth, transformation.”  One student “Ms. B moths mean death, not transformation.”  I smiled and knew that my higher self would shine for my dear sweet souls sitting captivated in front of me.  “No dears, moths are so misunderstood.  They are about transformation.  No matter which way you look at it, death is a transformation of the soul.”  What happened next was purely magical; twenty-four eyes looked at me, blinked, and my heart knew; I had stuck a harmonic cord.  My dear crystal children, knew in that moment, that I was transferring wisdom to them.  A way for them to help transform, heal, become the beautiful dear souls they are meant to be. I spoke softly, quietly “Death is a way of transforming, releasing the old to make way for the new. Death does not always mean a dead body. It is not the same for everyone, and everyone must do what they need.” More feathers and the moth that quietly moved around the room.  It was silent, they were silent, the room was silently filled for a brief moment of purely divine love and peace.

Blue breath

I knew that this full moon was bringing me something massive. My blogs, my speech, my inner feelings all felt a need of releasing.  The beautiful opportunity came moments ago.  I was meditating and instinctively performing Reiki on me.  When a deep guttural sound began to echo.  My heart ached, my body felt a heavy denseness.  Then the sound, the sound may frighten some as it could have seemed dark.  It was a deep dark shadow that wished to release, let go, allow me to transform.   My ego wanted to stop and say, “hey you already went through a re-birth 6 months ago, what the heck.” I disallowed ; the breathing deepened into a space that was not even of this time.  Long ago, a deep guttural moan left my human form.  I took a deep breath in and again the guttural moan happened. My higher self (Amel) is speaking with me, and I hear a voice, “do not give me form, I do not wish to live, to bother you, I am from so long ago, I just want to go and leave you alone, I am so sorry for what I have done.”  Tears well in my eyes. I allow, most importantly, I surrender and allow this to continue, intake breath, release that which wants no form, no time, just let go and release.  I am not sure how much time passed; does it matter.  No it does not.

When I come out of the meditative trance, I feel less dense.  There is an air and lightness that allows me to freely breathe. Move freely, the tension and ache that moved into my body earlier in the week was no longer there.  It which did not wish to be named had released.  The raven called out to me and now surround the house.  I will remain quiet today and hear what message the raven brings to me.

This beautiful release was so tender and gentle and I am extremely grateful!  I look forward to see what this transformation brings.  Thank you God and my Angels!  I greatly appreciate all the love and light that you bring!                                                                                                                                                                  Archangel Raziel

Much Love and Light.  May you too have a beautiful full moon releasing.  No how big or small; release away dear ones. -source

Magical Blessings