R-E-S-P-E-C-T, do you have it?

by Natasha Botkin

Respect can be defined as: “esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestationof a personal quality or ability.”

To me the first part is the super important “esteem for a sense of worth of a person.” 

One thing that the Blue Full Moon and the Lion’s Gate has rendered forth is respect; respect for all living creatures.  The death of Cecil and Jericho is just one of the many disrespectful elements that are being driven.  It is easy to point out the fault of another and render an opposition of decency.

Yet, how is this okay to not stand up for you.  Do you not deserve the same respect towards yourself and others.  You, do!  How often does your heart scream no, I cannot and your ego says, yes I would love to help…Then when you request assistance, the same is not rendered.  

With the Blue Full Moon, I reflected back on people in my life.  The sad truth is, I need to release and let go of those who do not balance me.  Do I let go of me as well.  Yes, yes and yes.

What does that mean?  

What piece, part of you, do you know needs to be released and stop an addictive pattern?  Addiction, I am not addicted; if you are doing something that you know is not in your best interest, dear one, this too is an addiction.  I can hear the egos spouting off!  She does not know.  Oh, but I do, once upon a time, my ego loved to spout off.  Now I allow,  it  the ability to flow like the ebb and flow of an ocean wave-in and then out, “it” is no more.  A nervous habit (addiction) I picked up was not voicing what I should, sit quiet or rather a family saying to me sit down and shut up.  So, I learned to pick at my cuticle until the point of bleeding, instead of saying what I wished to express.  Do I know this not for my best interest, yes.  Did I cease this, maybe; there are days when I am still working on it.

Do you feel balanced? respect-yourself walkaway

If you are in a relationship where you do not feel balanced.  Are you being respected?  Nope, sorry as tough as it is to admit, you are probably not being respected in the manner upon which you deserve.  Everyone deserves to be given respect towards themselves and receive respect from others.  This can be any realtionship intimate, friendship, and even work.  As tough as it is to admit it, admitting it helps cease the pattern.

How does one cease this pattern and/or belief? 

  • Stand up for yourself!  Now does this mean, that you have to scream, rant and throw a fit…well this is probably not a good idea.  This is not only disrespectful to you, but also to those who will not listen to your acting a fool (so to speak).  Even if this means standing in the mirror and practicing the word NO and mean it…do not listen to the ego voice in your heading edging god out and trying to drive your bus.  respect-yourself-and-others-will-respect-you
  • Practice positive affirmations.  Google a few, place them where you can see them, on your mirror, your cell phone.  Sit back and watch how this will begin to affect you.
  • Meditate.  Meditation is a way to calm the storm.  If you find yourself anxious and in a situation that another is not respecting you, take a few deep breaths and center yourself.
  • Repeat a mantra or a healing sound. I adore the sound AH; this represents the heart chakra and reminds me that it is all about heart and love.  I love me;therefore I deserve to be respected by me and others. AHhhhh
  • Go for a walk.  Walking is a way to clear the mind.  This can even be a stroll, a power walk, hike, whatever you need.
  • Yoga.  Now this is not the time to worry about what you look like, whether you need a pedicure or that everyone has these hot yoga bodies.  It is me time and dear one it is all about you!  As I recovered from cancer, I was introduced to chair yoga, it was all I could do at the time.  There is no “wrong” way for what you need.

These are just a few moments for respect to show or help you have it show up in your life.  May you have the respect that you deserve from yourself and others.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings,