Full Wolf Moon

by Natasha Botkin 



By the light of the moon Full Wolf Moon

the full moon wolf howls. 

A spectator to some, 

the truth to others. 

Go dear ones and 

bask in the light 

of the full wolf moon. 


The January Full Moon is known as the Full Wolf Moon, and in some Native American cultures, it is called the snow moon, to other Native tribes this occurs in February.

 Why is it called this? 

In Native American and early Colonial times, the Full Moon for January was called the Full Wolf Moon. It appeared when wolves howled in hunger outside the villages as the snow piled high.  The cold bareness of the land, created an echo, a call to the land, Mother Gaia, for food.

  Why a wolf? 

In symbolism and the totem,  the wolf is known for a strong connection into higher intuition. If you have ever heard of the idiom “wolf’s instict;” this is true as they have a way of knowing just when to appear.   A wolf is an excellent communicator with other wolves, the spiritual world and Luna (moon). As the wolf appears to you, what does your instict say or react to, what you are trying to say, but are not be hearing. Another moment they are known for is “sinking your teeth into,” but rather, thinking in a scary manner, look at it as what is the wolf trying to show you, communicate to your tru heart.

January Full Moon: 

Let’s look at the energies that have been cycling for us.  This full moon is January 23, 2016 @ 05:46 pm PST.  This is at the end of Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury Retrograde is a time of reflection, it is a time to slow down, unwind and truly see what no longer serves you.  The bareness of the winter land, Merucry and the Full Wolf Moon can help you release that which no longer serves you.

Do not look at this as death, rather look at this as stillness. The stillness that you need to release, so that you may re-birth into a renewal of your heart and soul. A moment to go deep within, and sit with what you heart truly needs, not what the etheric ego desires.  As the wolf comes, sit with thee, request for the energies of the wolf to help you transfer what you need to Luna, so she may let it go.

Howls of the Wolf Removal of Old Baggage: 

  • Light a candle, and gaze into the flame. 
  •  Ask what do I need to release, stop listen and allow the stillness  unfolding to 
  • the beating heart.  
  • The heart whispers, allow this to deepen. Allow your heart to speak its truth. 
  •  Write down what comes, light this over your flame, and let it go releasing-to the wolf, who’s
  • howling, 
  • voicing echos will carry to Luna.  
  • Luna will release this from you. 
  • Take 3 deep breathes in. 
  • Rest.


Go Dear Ones, healing your heart by the light of the moon using an eternal flame.  Happy, Howling Full Wolf Moon and Happy Releasing, each and every Dear Heart. May you be peace and love to your heart.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings, 









I’m on a Kick of Good Vibrations

by Natasha Botkin 

My household has been intense.  My normally gentle souled, youngest son, began heightened struggles with his up coming life –Graduation looming; his anxieties building.  Until one moment he had as he put it “a really, horrible, bad day” about a month ago and life changed.  It is never easy to observe anyone hurt, and when your child hurts and his mental health aches, this feels even more deep.

I am supposed to be the expert, and others giving me a tough time.  Guys, this is difficult enough and now the expert needs help; please help.

You see, both of my children are on various levels of the autism spectrum.  They are normally gentle crystal souls; highly skeptical of their intuitive gifts. This being that they are on the autistic spectrum; it is not visually seen; therefore, “prove it’s existence.”  Me rolling my eyes.  Love them dearly, and know that one day they will come into their own.

Due to the intensity around the household, my youngest who is normally singing and humming retreated deeply internal.  Some days able to reach him and others not so much.

During this time, a horrible situation I was in, ending.  It is a blessing and a challenge all at the same time.  Will allow divine guidance to sort this all out.

Today, my son and I had a near collision with singing and dancing.  Oh happy, joy turn the tunes up. What will the next moment bring, holding on to faith and trust that he will become the joyful soul that I know him to be and this too shall pass.