Balance is Quintessential

by Natasha Botkin


One thing is for certain, ever since the full blue moon many energies have shifted and shown up in a whole new manner.  It all began with a text to my sister revealing that I have had enough.  

Now that sounds juicy, enough of what- my sister…

Nope, I adore my sister!

What is it that I had enough of, one sided anything.  The lunar energies revealed a lack of balance in my life, and off I went to eradicate this from my life.  I looked around and realized that I felt a loss, what is the loss, the loss of equal balance.

Everyone deserves to have balance in their life.  Growing up, in other relationships and such, there was not equal balance.  It seemed ever one-sided.  A person revealing to me that they were upset with me.  My response was why? This person stated that I had no time for them.

Oh quite the contrary, I had enough of me putting out the effort and them pretty much ignoring my worth.  So bye-bye, and after the blue full moon, I got to work.  It has become interesting those who have finally reached out inquiring where I went to.  I told my sister in a text, I was conducting an experiment.  I would not reach out and wanted to see who would.  Sadly, for me the list was long.

The other part to all of this was my cell phone went haywire, there is still email, social media or heaven forbid drive over to my home and acutally check on me.

Sad, is the love, light and energy spent for them.  Now I am all about forgiveness and unconditional love; however, I am no doormat and my self worth is worth much more than that.

I write this very dear moment, a month later, I feel freer, happier and well lighter and so loved.  How, those who deserve my love, light and energies receive this, and I recieve theirs as an open flow back and forth.  The flow does not cease and that is why it is much more than ever.  My heart expanding even more—awww I love this open expanse of heart felt love. 

Surprisingly was the text from my quiet Beloved, apologzing for being  “kind of a jerk.”  He I will forgive and allow him to heal from his own personal ordeal; others not so much.  I figure, if it mattered, then they would have made the time.

Now, I know that everyone gets busy; seriously if this was your last moment or breath in life, what would matter most, how many have you allowed to slip away as you were too busy and I chime in with too busy with what….

We are all busy, then again, if we put down the cell phones, social media and unplug what will be revealed to you…..

I write this during another full moon as a way to release that which no longer serves me and imbalanced relationship(s) are no longer tolerable.  I love me and deserve equal worth from another.

I write this for all of those who will read the blog and hope that they too will have the strength to step up, sound off of the own worth and seek our balanced relationships.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings,



13 comments on “Balance is Quintessential

  1. Kindness Junkie says:

    So true and beautifully expressed, Natasha! I am always the one reaching out & “checking in.” It’s interesting to see who reciprocates when I pull back. When I became chronically ill & was no longer able to be the initiator, my “true friends” were revealed. It was sad, but very telling. Now I only put the effort in with those worth the little energy I have to give. 🙂

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  2. Such insight, Natasha! I just posted a meme on my Facebook page this morning about noticing who stays with you in the hard times and the comment I made then was that I found in interesting to observe who stayed and who went during my year from hell in 2013…and there were a few surprises both ways. I’ve been slowly learning not to chase people that don’t choose to make time for me–such a hard thing for a caregiver/nurturer personality.

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  3. Reba Linker says:

    Beautiful post, Natasha. So important to reclaim your energy and your power, which is what you are doing so beautifully. I’ve been there, too, and always re-learning that lesson. It’s ongoing. So happy for you, for us! xox, Reba

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  4. Pamela says:

    Inspiring post Natasha! Balance in all areas of life has been on my mind lately. It’s amazing how empowering it is to let go of that which no longer serves! xo

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  5. Puja Madan says:

    Beautiful, heartfelt and inspiring. Thank you for sharing Natasha. You’re a gifted writer with so much wisdom to share. Much love and blessings to you xo

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  6. Well said Natasha! Good for you to get yourself into balance between “giving” and “receiving”. So often we as women constantly give until our “wells” run dry. It takes a lot of courage and determination to change that pattern. Congrats!

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