Zipping to the Next Spot

by Natasha Botkin 



When is the last time you stopped and smelled the roses?  Or paused to enjoy a beautiful moment?  The rose-bush is in my own yard, a rose-bush that another thought was a hassle.  I treasure her beauty!

The other photo is one I recently clicked one crisp, early summer morning.  So many people rushing around, walking nearby, not seeing these magnificent creatures.  Me relishing in the fact that I am tickled at the symbolic message they brought to me; but more so, me taking a moment from a walk to pause in that present moment-enjoying this delightful opportunity.

Were you one who rushed past, too busy or in a hurry to cease movement even for a brief breath or two? The photo is a bit rough, I wish it were better.  Yes, I could have photoshopped it up; I am choosing not to and allow the true beauty to shine through.  As I stood and enjoyed this view, two others saw me, and joined me.  Several others stomping past, me trying to breathe in the eagles majestic grace, and snapping away as I could.

It is difficult to view; but these are two marvelous bald eagles. In this area they are not a normal occurrence, so this makes it all the more special.  As I observed and savored their presence, I felt bad.  Yes, they were dining on their feast; let’s just say the sea gulls were not happy. So, they did need their peace.  Then again, as I sat observing over 100 people zipped past.

I use the word zip.  Yes, we all have places to be, but have others become so complacent in not viewing the splendor around them.  Sadly, it is true. Zip from one activity to the next, and I used to be one.  My dog, so patient, because we are near water and she wants to swim.  However, she knows I asked her to wait, I quietly explain, “Look at the eagles-how beautiful.”

After about 20 mins, the eagles depart.  My dog and I journey to her destination to look for a stick for me to throw, so she can retrieve it.

As she swims, enjoying her delight, I ponder–how many opportunities in life, did I miss out on when I was racing to the next stop, spot, etc.  What can you say–do you do the same?  Or would you have sat and watched the majestic eagles?

The two people who stopped by told me that they stopped by to see what I was glowing about.  As one lady said, “Darling, there was a glow from you like no other, and I needed to see what it was.”  I am glad that she made the inquiry, or she would have missed out.

May you locate the ability to stop and smell the roses or pause and observe the majestic eagles or whatever opportunity happens your way.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings, 



3 comments on “Zipping to the Next Spot

  1. Kristi Ling says:

    Very nice post. My theme for the summer is “slow down.” It’s very easy to get caught up in things and miss the roses. 🙂 Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the energy we tap into when we slow down and connect with the beauty around us. Great post. Thank you Natasha. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tae says:

    I’m writing about stopping “to smell the roses” as well. We miss so much of life when we rush on by. I really enjoy being present to my surroundings to enjoy the beauty, oddities, wonders…and even simplicity. Thanks!


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