A New Approach

by Natasha Botkin

Triangle Heart

A week ago, the most amazing moment happened.  My soul and heart united in a whole other indescribable level.  One of my new goals is to create a positive meme each day, for the next 30 days.  I will post this via, Twitter (@magcialblessing), Instagram(@magicalblessings), Pintrest(MagicalBlessingsHealingCenter) and Facebook


I have already begun with a couple that were pre-made.  The rest is what my heart’s wisdom brings forth at that moment.

Be sure to visit http://magicalblessingshealingcenter.com

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings, 



6 comments on “A New Approach

  1. what was the magical point where you soul and heart came together? would love to know….

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  2. What a wonderful way to raise vibrational energy! Beautiful. many Blessings to you.


  3. Beautiful way to heal uplift and elevate…thank you for your beautiful being Natasha


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