They Overrode the Buttons

by Natasha Botkin 

Angel with heart rose

During last night’s dream time, a moment of truth shined through.  It began with a moment of the past – way in the past.  A mixture of high school, people who I once knew, and have not seen in a long time. Some are friends on Facebook, a face at the grocery store.  I wait in observer mode, I am placed in a chair without a name tag as all the other chairs have name tags.  This does not bother me, as I used my present name, not a maiden name; so they would not label my chair as such.

I am not sure as to the length of time that emerged, this was not important.  Other details surfaced, again not of too much importance, almost like the extras of a movie.  Then a person I went to school with from kindergarten through 12th grade showed, requested me to follow him.  There is a moment of confusion, he wasn’t a “friend,” we just attended school together; often in the same classes.  He was not allowed to be my friend, via the “mean girl crew.”  I did not fit in, and he just went along.

We enter a darkened small space, I see the buttons.  Wait, we are in an elevator.  He steps away, “they” overrode the buttons.  Others get off the elevator, this “male classmate,” says do not leave; turns his head over his shoulder; “besides; they have overridden the buttons; you will depart soon.”  I did stop the “male classmate,” Why did you appear?”  He does not respond in voice, and yet I hear “You will soon know.” 

My memory returns to an email. “You are here to defy stereo-typing.” I am more than aware, that I will ascend.  How much further up the spiral or shall we say elevator, I was not sure at that moment.

The elevator whirls, I feel my energy increase, the vibrational matter more crystalline.  The door opens, I am on top of a mountain, stadium, this does not matter.  I look down and see others; not in a condescending manner, more of a look at all who will come. I look to all of the Archangels who surround me with pure divine love and light, I say, “You overrode my buttons, the matter does not matter, I am here, I accept, I am here…all I do ask is now what….” 

I awaken in a bed I know and yet, realize that nothing from this moment on will be as it once was.  Today, I will rest.  Tomorrow I was planning on going to the Farmer’s Market and wonder well….

Rest, relax, you will have much work to do soon….quite soon….rest dear one, your living has just begun. I am okay, with the unknown; what will be will be. I will fluctuate more to the feminine; mother is near….

I do ask, “Why that “male classmate” Why not my BeLoved that once showed me a movie – ‘Click.'” My higher self responds meditate.  Through meditation I am aware that the “male classmate” has surfaced each time I have a major transition in my life, and that is all that musters through.  Triangle Heart

So, I am off to the unknown, living moment by moment, step by step; my higher self-will guide along with all the divine, angels, fairies, mystical creatures, magical creatures, Galactic Counsel and Federation of Light.  Those who will hear, will hear, those who will see will see the love and light that shine through the vastness of which is me. 

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings,



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