I’m on a Kick of Good Vibrations

by Natasha Botkin 

My household has been intense.  My normally gentle souled, youngest son, began heightened struggles with his up coming life –Graduation looming; his anxieties building.  Until one moment he had as he put it “a really, horrible, bad day” about a month ago and life changed.  It is never easy to observe anyone hurt, and when your child hurts and his mental health aches, this feels even more deep.

I am supposed to be the expert, and others giving me a tough time.  Guys, this is difficult enough and now the expert needs help; please help.

You see, both of my children are on various levels of the autism spectrum.  They are normally gentle crystal souls; highly skeptical of their intuitive gifts. This being that they are on the autistic spectrum; it is not visually seen; therefore, “prove it’s existence.”  Me rolling my eyes.  Love them dearly, and know that one day they will come into their own.

Due to the intensity around the household, my youngest who is normally singing and humming retreated deeply internal.  Some days able to reach him and others not so much.

During this time, a horrible situation I was in, ending.  It is a blessing and a challenge all at the same time.  Will allow divine guidance to sort this all out.

Today, my son and I had a near collision with singing and dancing.  Oh happy, joy turn the tunes up. What will the next moment bring, holding on to faith and trust that he will become the joyful soul that I know him to be and this too shall pass.


5 comments on “I’m on a Kick of Good Vibrations

  1. Melissa says:

    Natasha, while I cannot start to pretend to be in your shoes, as I was reading your post I found myself thinking, “What is Natasha doing to take care of Natasha?” Having teenaged children is tough and even tougher within the autism spectrum. But, sometimes our kids “know” the answer. My high school senior has been moody and internal (so unusual and new!). I so wanted to fix whatever was wrong. She left school yesterday and came home. So, without a bunch of inquiring questions, I asked, “What would make you feel better right now?” “I don’t know,” she said. “There has to be something.” “Will you watch TV with me?” And now I’m thinking, “TV? She never watches tv!” We watched a movie, made dinner, and while she did not return to the happy-go-lucky kid she usually is, her request definitely helped. I don’t know if any of this is helpful, but know I am sending love and light and a giant hug! ❤


    • Aww thanks Melissa. It has been rough often 3 therapists in the home at one time. There’s a glimmer with him. Plus the loss of my job. I am definitely needing self nurturing and your words are divinely sent and received. Thank you!! Much love, Natasha


  2. Lisa says:

    Hugs Natasha! xx Reaching out to the Divine has never let me down. Light and Love to you.


  3. Rachel says:

    You sound like a warrior mom Natasha. I applaude you for bringing so much joy into your children’s lives. I have a special needs child who is extremely gentle and sensitive. Even though I don’t have experience with children on the autism spectrum here is what works for me:
    We talk. A lot. It helps him to hear of others in his situation, so when he experiences challenges I will tell him about similar challenges I had or a story, I invented a puppy who’s life pretty much mirrors my son’s and he loves those stories and requests them often.
    I let things be. I give him full permission to be upset, to feel rotten, to day that things suck. But I stay close to him and if he pushes me away, I still butt in. If he hides on the closet or under the blanket I’ll come in to and say can I hide with you? When he is upset about something, I just confirm that yes, it is upsetting.
    Joy has a tendency to bubble up and come back, but it doesn’t have to be there all the time. With the super parenting you’re doing, your children will always have a road map to joy.
    Sending you and your family a big hug.

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