Deep Emotions Abound

by Natasha Botkin

Little did I know that when my BeLoved shared a message during dream time that this would bring forth a fury of emotions.  Due to his message, I chose to tap into my soul, via what I call Color My World aka Soul intuitive Drawing.  With a soul intuitive drawing it is best to sit by and wait and see.  There is no need to force the meaning, nor what details came forth.

Later on in the day, not only did this intuitive drawing herald forward; this pulled out deep, deep emotions.  As a result of that, out came a pouring of tears, cry me a river, ha, how about the entire ocean.

You see, an object says as a drainage pipe has little do with the true meaning.  Watch my vlog and see what surfaces.  Also be sure to stop by and check out

Your heart is welcome with my heart.

Much Love, Much Light and Magical Blessings,



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