What Does Your Heart Desire?

By Natasha Botkin 

heart spiral

What does you heart desire? It seems like such a simple question, and in truth it is.  One’s heart can have simple truths, desires; the ego creates the complexity.

You see, recently, I made a bold statement of what my heart desires, and I have created chaos in others perspectives.  Some are having a difficult time with what my heart is calling out for. I have spent most of my life, living for others.  So, on the outside world, my heart’s desires may seem selfish.  In truth, it is not.  It is what my heart desires and sometimes one has to make a bold statement, move and just plain stand in their own power.  All of which I am doing.  What will happen, I am not sure.  I absolutely, love (not really, it’s kind of annoying really) when people believe that I have all of my answers.  The jest of what is occurring for me is a huge shift in the consciousness and my expanding for more room in my aura, esoteric body, mental state and so forth, the works in other words.  I can feel the spiral pulling me up, and others weighing me down.  Let me go, let me be free to who I truly am here to be.

So, if I make a bold statement, be sure to know that I have turned inward to seek what I, my heart truly desires and be there to support me.  Please do not attempt to disallow, rather support, and yep if I falter, be there when I do.  Ascending into mastery is not as easy as it may seem; in fact it’s down right difficult.  As I write, tears pour out of my soul, releasing and letting go that which does not serve me.  Allowing me to as one may say level up, ascend, hear my heart, hear my heart roar like a lion.

Ask your heart what it’s true desires are?  Get real quiet and turn inward.  Only you can hear your absolute truth and your heart’s desires.

Much Love, much light and Magical Blessings,



One comment on “What Does Your Heart Desire?

  1. Victoria tomlinson says:

    I love it. It is so true to know what your heart desires, and not what other people believe you should desire. No one can choose your desires for only your heart can tell you the truth and the feeling.


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