Dance of the Soul

By Natasha Botkin 

Colorful music notes

Something that I enjoy is popping my ear buds in my ears, select my tunes and dance away.  Or turn up the tunes as I drive along, still dancing away.  Yep, I get those looks, ah but who cares.  Music has always been an important part of my soul.  If I did not have music, this esoteric body would be quite unhappy.

My children know to watch out when they see me dancing through the house.  A favorite spot is the kitchen, dancing away while preparing a meal, cleaning up or washing dishes.   In my house, it is not me who says “Turn that music down,” but rather usually my youngest.  Mr. Serious, “Why did I get the mom who sings all the time, dances and I have to ask her to turn down her music?”  Yes, he is a hypocritical comedian.  Because he can be just as loud, if not louder.

Dancing is a way for a happy soul to pour forth love and exuding joy. Dancing helps to remove negative vibes, energies and such that you may have encompassed along your path.

Do you have to be the best, most eloquent dancer?  No way!  Just turn on your genre of music and allow the soul to flow old-lady-wheel-chair-ballerinathrough the vibes.  There is no right or wrong way.  Now that does not mean, those who are professional trained should be disregarded.  Because, I do have dance training from years ago.  Instead this is for a non-trained dancer afraid of what they may look like.  The old adage, “dance as if no one is watching,” is truth. Enjoy yourself!  Your soul will thank you!

Recently, a song has played over and over on my playlist.  Me enjoying the tunes.  Then one day out of no where, up pops a beautiful dancer in this YouTube video.  May you enjoy this treat.

Much love and light!

Magical Blessings, Natasha


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