Uprising Souls

By Natasha Botkin 

Just awhile ago, I was listening to this song on the way to work, and to some it may seem like a bizarre resonation.  This afternoon as I was washing dishes and dancing through the kitchen trying to avoid the dog and stepping on the cat’s tail (Well do not get under my feet, while I am dancing); this song played on my playlist and again I felt a moment of well, hmmm.  Atlantis Crystal Pyramid

I have been told that I am a unique ascended master.  I smile and remind them that yes;  however, I vibrate to being a sacred heart high priestess with a more modern twist. The song that keeps appearing is “Uprising,” by Muse.  When one listens to it or views the lyrics, it may seem intense; some may feel, it sounds like being ready for a revolution.

We are ready for a revolution.  Done is the demonic black magic that plagues the earth.  Those of us who are awakening are in a way preparing for an uprising.  An uprising of souls ready to be brought back to energy beings having a peaceful human experience.  Yet, not with all the hatred, wars and plain discord.  Little by little those who are key players are moving into place, ready to shine their love and light to the world.  Mother Gaia so aptly receiving this love and ready to help aid in this plight.

Here is my unique twist, may you also find a song in your heart to dance with sending your joy out.  This in turn will bounce love and light to another, who will bounce this to yet another.  In turn we all are better off with happy, joyful souls dancing and enjoying our peaceful experience. “Time to rise up and take our Power back.” Muse

Much Love and Light!  Keep on dancing!

Magical Blessings, Natasha


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