Needs of an Empath

By Natasha Botkin

images (10)Empathy is the ability to share and understand another’s emotions.  An empath of the “psychic” nature is someone who can pick up on what others may not feel or see.  They are able to receive the non-visual, non-verbal cues that another individual is feeling pain, fear, or joy. This can occur with the “knowing or sensing” what another can feel, such as what is in one’s aura.

One of my many qualities is being an empath and shielding has become major for me.  As my energy levels have ascended up the spiral and with each level up, I found it more and more difficult to be around others.  It was like moths to a light, people would be pulled to be near me, my light.  Then, me feeling horrible as I walked away.

My first line of defense was to place a white light of protection prayer on me each and every day.  Often finding that this was not enough.  Me pleading with the angels, why is it so strong, what can I do. My next step was to submerge myself in a sea salt bath with uplifting essential oils; I found that rose and geranium were my go to, along with my favorite lavender.  My final step was crystals.  There were days, where it seemed I was wearing more crystals than clothing.  My favorite clear crystal, kyanite, amethyst, ruby and diamonds.

Yet, this was not helping.  It almost felt like a self-sabotage.  Sadly, it was a past lifetime suffering mechanism.  Why in the world would one do to themselves.  In truth, it was a moment of guilt of a sin.  Until a moment of time not knowing what was transpiring.

Thus, me turning deeply inward.  Diving deeper into emotions than ever before.  Pulling the essence of past lives with me, and coming to the truth.  A moment of anger, of hurt and shame.  I use the term sin; it was not a sin, a mistake that hurt me and my BeLoved.  Carrying this baggage in a nonsense type of manner.  One day confessing my sin to our modern selves.   My BeLoved Twin flame turning to me, “Are you asking for forgiveness?”  I shake my head yes, I have no words.  His sweet, gentle words, “Of course I forgive you.  You need not ask.”  As he looks deep into my eyes and pulls me to him, “My sweet silly girl.”

The karmic tension washing the mistake away. My aura clearing away this stage.  Me just realizing, that since that moment; I have only taken 1 sea salt bath, and the amount of crystals greatly reduced to three types. A red ruby, 2 diamonds and a clear crystal.  I still place the white light of protection everyday, but not in manner of fright, but in a manner of need.

I walk into a store and yes the moths still flock to me like a light.  Gone is the need to absorb their pain, their angst.  They are near, feel the light and we all move along.

If you are an empath, ask yourself what you can do.  I have mentioned things that worked for me.  Sea Salt bath with essential oils, a white light of protection prayer and crystals.  This can help.  Be sure to ask you, what do you need. Maybe, just maybe there is more to this than you realize.

Much Love and Light!

Magical Blessings, Natasha


2 comments on “Needs of an Empath

  1. Namaste, If I may ask what type of prayer do you use.Thanks


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