Pure Tenderness

By Natasha Botkin 

We are faced with moments.  The beauty is to ‘just be.’  Just be in the moment is much easier said than done.  Even with the best of intentions a mind can wander and voila, the ‘just be’ moment has now shifted to the ego feeding.

Recently, I lay in my BeLoved’s arms feeling happy and peacefully content with unconditional love.  I could feel his soul happily dancing right beside me, and yet, I could also feel his ego stirring.  How did we get to this place.  How did one text turn into twenty-fours hours of two individuals spending a wonderful moment in time.  Neither of us were sure; one thing was for certain, we wanted to enjoy our time together.

As his ego complained, I laid in the state of ‘just be’ and allowed my soul to encompass the totality of our Twin Flame selves; one soul, two lives. Celebrating our love in the way that suited us best at that moment.


My mind drifted to, we signed up to do this dance before we were even born.  I have loved you in numberless forms, in numberless times in life after life, age after forever my heart knows better than my mind…

I could tell when my BeLoved was speaking from his soul; understanding the totality of what Tru was saying to his BeLoved Amel. He used the word when we separated, his soul and just being.  Then fear would encroach on his ego and the ego would spit out its venom and the human form cringed.  It was not easy, at one point, I rattled back “we cannot hide who we truly are,” and my higher self walked in and brought out words of love. Creating a special space of ‘just be’ in the moment with the man who you love; and enjoy this moment, leaving us with more graceful moments.  My BeLoved’s soul reaching out to hold me so dearly and tenderly; a beautiful hug and kiss, moments of our gentle, tender love.

What will happen, what will be…the essense is return to the truth of the heart, soul and allow joy, peace and harmony to freely flow in a playful manner; just be.

Much Love and Light

Magical Blessings



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