Tides of Change

By Natasha Botkin        cropped-magical-blessings-business-card-logo.png


In the past 24 hours, so much has changed.  Source speaks to me in a variety of ways: angels, people, animals, signs and so forth.  Here is where my older son’s comment enters, “Have you ever thought of YouTube?”  My immediate response was….“What? Why?”  My son who is quite the techie looked at me and smiled.  Once upon a time, I was technologically savvy.  After Windows 98 arrived,  my knowledge become like the norm.

I let it go, and moved through an incredible full moon release and clearing while enjoying the  feeling of transformation by leveling up the spiral of ascension.  Then as I am walking along one of my favorite places in my city; the waterfront.  I see the beaches littered with debris.  Wow, this full moon was massive for the tides.  No wonder it was such a major release for me.   Tides of change are taking place.  I can feel it.  At this point in time, I am not quite sure what the it is.  However, I do know that a major shift has happened and the cloak of invisibility is fading away even more.

As my sweet dog,  and I walked along the waterfront; something popped up.  “You are still too hidden; you need to change your webpage–you need your photo.” -source

An internal siren sounded and my concentration was gone.  I floated out to sea with the dear seal that swam along with me as I walked; my mind walking in the mist that hung over the sound near a local island.  My photo, I am not sure, if I am ready for that.

One thing that I do is allow source to show me signs, so that way I know it is not ego speaking.  Hours later, I am working on my laptop and up pops a photo. A photo of a wonderfully happy moment.  I look at it and say, well okay; here goes nothing.  I visited the Magical Blessings Healing Center Facebook webpage and updated the photo.  I looked at it and saw the happy moment of love as  I snapped this photo.  The love of my life worked graveyard and I worked days; so he would text me Goodnight and I would text him Goodmorning.  So a happy moment of love and snap.

This is now the Magical Blessings Healing Center Facebook photo. 009

A happy, dance and a huge transformation towards losing more of the cloak of invisibility,  fading away.

Much love and light!

Magical Blessings






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