Transforming Full Moon


By Natasha Botkin 



Lately, it seems that my blogs are about releasing, clearing, removing.  This has herald an angelic essence.  Dear angels what am I to bring forth?  What do you wish me to say through my conduit intuitive heart nature?

Full Moon Ice Castle

The momentum was building.  The signs were placed all around me,  As I allowed, as I surrendered, more signs showed.  A feather floating through my classroom, reminding me to not give up.  A penny placed near my vehicle to remind me to breathe as my angels are with me.  The most intense one was when the moth flew through my classroom, and my students wanted to freak out and kill it.  It was like my heart, soul screamed no and out pops;” it’s a beautiful moth, transformation.”  One student “Ms. B moths mean death, not transformation.”  I smiled and knew that my higher self would shine for my dear sweet souls sitting captivated in front of me.  “No dears, moths are so misunderstood.  They are about transformation.  No matter which way you look at it, death is a transformation of the soul.”  What happened next was purely magical; twenty-four eyes looked at me, blinked, and my heart knew; I had stuck a harmonic cord.  My dear crystal children, knew in that moment, that I was transferring wisdom to them.  A way for them to help transform, heal, become the beautiful dear souls they are meant to be. I spoke softly, quietly “Death is a way of transforming, releasing the old to make way for the new. Death does not always mean a dead body. It is not the same for everyone, and everyone must do what they need.” More feathers and the moth that quietly moved around the room.  It was silent, they were silent, the room was silently filled for a brief moment of purely divine love and peace.

Blue breath

I knew that this full moon was bringing me something massive. My blogs, my speech, my inner feelings all felt a need of releasing.  The beautiful opportunity came moments ago.  I was meditating and instinctively performing Reiki on me.  When a deep guttural sound began to echo.  My heart ached, my body felt a heavy denseness.  Then the sound, the sound may frighten some as it could have seemed dark.  It was a deep dark shadow that wished to release, let go, allow me to transform.   My ego wanted to stop and say, “hey you already went through a re-birth 6 months ago, what the heck.” I disallowed ; the breathing deepened into a space that was not even of this time.  Long ago, a deep guttural moan left my human form.  I took a deep breath in and again the guttural moan happened. My higher self (Amel) is speaking with me, and I hear a voice, “do not give me form, I do not wish to live, to bother you, I am from so long ago, I just want to go and leave you alone, I am so sorry for what I have done.”  Tears well in my eyes. I allow, most importantly, I surrender and allow this to continue, intake breath, release that which wants no form, no time, just let go and release.  I am not sure how much time passed; does it matter.  No it does not.

When I come out of the meditative trance, I feel less dense.  There is an air and lightness that allows me to freely breathe. Move freely, the tension and ache that moved into my body earlier in the week was no longer there.  It which did not wish to be named had released.  The raven called out to me and now surround the house.  I will remain quiet today and hear what message the raven brings to me.

This beautiful release was so tender and gentle and I am extremely grateful!  I look forward to see what this transformation brings.  Thank you God and my Angels!  I greatly appreciate all the love and light that you bring!                                                                                                                                                                  Archangel Raziel

Much Love and Light.  May you too have a beautiful full moon releasing.  No how big or small; release away dear ones. -source

Magical Blessings





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