It’s All in the Way you Say it…



Release negative energy



by Natasha Botkin

The other day, I was contacted by someone who needed a rocket scientist type of energy rather than my type of energy healing.   This is both intriguing as my natural curiosity, and sponge like ability to absorb wisdom thought for a brief moment, I wonder what this could be.  Even though this was a simple mistake of energies this brought a smile to my face, as energy is energy.   However, how often do we get stuck.  Almost like we are dragging our feet, or well I’ll do it tomorrow.  Energy is no different, what one puts out to the universe is what the universe gives back to you.

Often times one says to the universe I am too tired.  The universe says, okay help this person be tired.  Recently, I mention “I am sick and tired,” insert whatever it was that was bothering me at that moment, and voila, I found myself quite sick and overly tired.  In fact, I am still recovering from the virus.  I’ve had others ask what did you have, how do I say, my own ridiculous moment.

My intention is to not sound negative, but rather grab your attention.  Could this be true?  It works in other ways as well.  Two minutes before preparing for the day, I wrote in my journal that I felt the love of my angels.  I hear my cell phone chime; it’s my sister saying that she loves me, just as I am reaching for a cotton ball and smile as it is in the shape of a heart.  Love, intentions can come through at lightning speed.

I ponder, how can intentions be so powerful; I know that I have an incredible way of saying something and poof its true.  Source works beautifully in that manner.  It is all about what you put out there.  It is quite curious what happens and how one reacts.   Again another moment of placing this in the universe’s hands.  Whether this be a thought, idea or dare I say gossip.  It is what it is and the universe does not really care and saying whoops that’s not what I meant, does not matter.  The old adage “Be careful what you wish for” rings true in so many ways. So where do you wish to place your energy?  What do you wish to ask the universe? Just how do you wish the universe perceive this.

My soul calls for a dream; I have a massive dream.  God and the Angels are fully aware and guiding me to this dream; I am placing this out to the universe.  Sitting in a blue binder on my white dresser holds much of my dream.  God, Angels, Universe what actions do I need to create to fulfill my dream.  I love the saying “Dreams really can come true.”  I am placing this out there for all to read.  Some who know me and read this will smile; atta girl, there she goes.    “It is time.” -source.

Source has also asked me to share this biggie; at one point in time or another we all face our own judgement about ourselves.  Everyone please place this out to the universe.  No negative,  rather, here’s a beautiful thought.

I am awesome!  I am wonderful!  God and Angels,  please show me how wonderfully awesome I am.

Listen or watch carefully; they will respond in the most auspicious way.


Much Love and Light!

Magical Blessings,



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