Naysaying Upheaval

African Violet Single



by Natasha Botkin 



We can absorb negative energy from anywhere and anyone.  Often times the average individual is not even aware that this happening to them.  How often have you walked into a room where a negative exchange had occurred between others and the term “cut the tension with the knife,” rings true.  Or you meet or spend time with another, and you just feel drained and not very well after they left.  However, what happens when you feel something and do not understand what just happened.


                 water molecule joy

Recently, I was called to come pick up my son from school.  He was having a horrible, very bad, terrible moment.  When I arrived my son was quiet and interestingly enough communicating.  You see, my son is on the autism spectrum, and typically would be nonverbal and non commutative at this point.  Yet, here he is  hunched over and not wishing to make eye contact with me. Yes, he had a challenging moment, and  he did not wish to see or  feel  how I would handle this.  As a very wise mom my only response was, “What happened?”  My son says, “Mom, I just do not know, I….” and he trailed off.

He is definitely holding his breath and clutching his abdomen.  My immediate recognition was that he had absorbed negative energy.  He is highly sensitive to others energies, but often does not realize this or rolls his eyes filled full of skepticism.  My dear sweet boy had an empath moment.

Okay, so now we have identified the probable cause, what is the next step.  I work very closely with animals, crystals and flowers amongst a gamut of other things.  Going home was our recourse; I knew that this would be his best place to recover.  Along our drive, I also knew that I had to be careful to not intake this negative energy, but I knew that I would be alright.  In the lil SUV, we have crystals. He is staring at them; I do not say a word.  I let him be, allow him to breath in their beautiful, healing powers.

Upon arriving home, we are again surrounded by crystals, plants; most importantly for my son is his kitty.   Unknowingly, my son began his own cleansing routine.  Bang, down goes the backpack.  Boom, there is the sound of his feet on the steps.  I am satisfied as this will clear the negative energies from himself; sound can help to clear negative energies by breaking them up and helping to alleviate them from the aura.  Lastly, was the cat; he has special abilities and is able to calm my son.

My son is exhausted and the last portion for him is rest; he and his kitty fall asleep for hours.  When he wakes; he is fully able to explain what happened.  I smile, as I know the truth that lies underneath; he is an empath amongst other gifts,  and one day we will have the conversation of how to care for himself.  Next come the music, the joy, the giggles.  Aww music to my ears.


Much Love and Light!

Magical Blessings,






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