Exonerating a moment…

Violet white lady breath             Violet white lady breath             Violet white lady breath


by Natasha Botkin


Releasing negative patterns and beliefs is a way for the aura to expand.   It seems so easy, and yet the complexity is the evolution of the soul.  One can either create an effortless manner or contrive an unhappy restriction.  Often times one does not recognize what is happening.  It’s not like the human form was given a manual and when this happens, do this or that.  Rather it is through trial and error or wisdom that one can signal this worked, now repeat.

One night, I was in a deep slumber, when a soul entered my Dreamtime.  Now this is not uncommon for souls to seek out those who are able to speak to them, understand them.  At first, I  remained in my slumbering state, my higher self and I have a deal; she will help me guide those along; as a human, I do need rest and cannot spend all night awake.  Unfortunately, the energy being turned and revealed their human face; and I was immediately awake and quite irritated.  My response, “Oh no way, this person overly harasses me at work all the time, and I am not about to have this person invade my sleep, spirit realm, too. God help, oh my goodness, help!!”  Yes, I was not breathing, highly bothered and could be reported as angry.




Clipart girl with dog

Immediately, my higher self connects with me, “Settle sweet girl. You did the request for us to assist you on releasing.  We are here for you.”  Amel is here, God and the angels come forth.  The clearing, releasing of negative energy begins.  I am breathing and then a tremendous cough.  I begin again and repeat, breath, cough.  Well, um, hmmm. One more time same thing.  Breathing and coughing will be my releasing.  I feel my chakras begin to spin, I settle into a rhythm.

The good news is I am able to help myself out a bit more than the average person.  I am multidimensional and pull myself into another area, for peace and quiet.  I continue the deep breathing while coughing.  The next part is Reiki; I begin to administer Reiki to myself.  I am a conduit of source.  This process takes about an hour, I believe; I am not sure as time passes; I am unaware of time.

In the morning, I awake, feeling fresh, renewed.  I see an image of a shiny new penny.  One of my mottos is “See a shiny penny,  pick it up and all day you’ll have good luck; a beautiful sign from my angels, to say, we are here, we sending love to you.”        penny


Many happy releasing!  If ya need guidance and assistance;

we here at Magical Blessings Healing Center are happy to guide you.

Much Love and Light and Magical Blessings,





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