Going back…Way Back…to Move Forward

by Natasha Botkin 


Along my journey, many events have occurred.  The omnipresent force has been to fade the dark, so the light may come. On the surface is the present and the promise that life is responding to you may seem accurate.  However, it may not the present life that you perceive to be the challenge.  This present challenge may be an immense distance, and yet in this life, this dream, it does not care about present life or time.

What I mean about the previous statement is this.  In order for me to move forward, I had to go back and many would presume to this lifetime.  At first, it was a little frightened girl who wanted to be loved, safe, secure.  As this unfolded, there was a disconnect, something was missing, but it was not yet revealed.  One thing is for certain, when asking for God’s guidance, it may be shown to you in way that you are not prepared.

I was not prepared to be sitting at a light when the movie unfolded. On my windshield was a beautiful lady dressed in fine garments, and yet she was tied and thrown in a dark, dank space.  As I watched, her captures picked her up like a sack and I could hear chanting, screams and hollows of the those who seek to harm this lovely young woman.  I was not prepared for what happened next.  The capture threw her like a rag doll onto the flames, no care, just a heave-ho.  As her body was hurled towards the flames, I saw an intensely beautiful light harrowed upwards; her soul had escaped unscathed. The light changed, tears flowed like a glacial thaw flooding the riverbanks.  I drove to the safest spot, that I could find and cried in a way, that I have never cried before.

“God what was that?” was my inquiry.  I knew, I knew it was a previous life, my previous life; and,  other lifetimes and deaths would come to follow.  So many questions flooded me.  I began to rapidly fire them off.  God was patient, the angels came and sat with me.  “Dear one you will learn many things, you will release many patterns, beliefs. These do not belong to you.” -source  As a behavioral specialist, my current human psyche wanted to plead beg for answers.  I was promised that in time, all would be revealed, to trust, to believe.

As a fire sign, one could think that I would love fire.  I do, when someone else makes a fire; it took years for me to light a candle with the super long fireplace matches. “Can I please ask this question, is this why I am frightened of fire in this lifetime?” I begged for the answer.  “Yes, it is; it is not you, you are not that belief of long ago. Release dear one, release and let go of this fear. As you release, your aura will expand.  You will have room to be who you are meant to truly be.” –source

animated fire

Going back does not necessarily mean of this lifetime and clearing old patterns and beliefs of the past may mean many lifetimes ago.  This helped me come into me, my true self and release negative patterns and beliefs that held a closeness to the ego.  Which unfortunately, one may not even realize is in the aura and can help create duress and stressful sabotage.

There are many ways to release the negative patterns and beliefs; this is not a one size fits all.  One time, I said to my spiritual teacher, “why can’t I solely do this for myself, why do I find myself looking to you for assistance.”  Her kind gentle guidance was, “you are too close.  It is better with one who can feel, see, look at your dream without connection to the pattern and belief, that way the ego cannot convince you otherwise.” The ego loves chatter, especially negative mental chatter.

Meditation and becoming very quiet even if it is for 15 mins a day is helpful.  Locating a trusted spiritual teacher, energy healer can help begin you on this journey.  I cannot stress enough that what works for one, may not work for another.  If you have tried this in the past, it may not have been the right time, the right system or the matching spiritual teacher.  Do not give up (say Good-bye to the ego…nah..nah…good-bye, good-bye to limiting patterns and beliefs).  Say hello, to the beautiful, shining new you.

We offer these services and much more at the Magical Blessings Healing Center.  One can contact me through one of the links provided in the blog or magicalblessingshealingcenter@gmail.com

Much love, light and Magical Blessings to you!



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