What is One’s Truth…

Butterfly Lavender  Recently, I saw a quote “Life is not happening to you, Life is responding to you.” – unknown    I am going to throw a wrench in to say is this absolute truth?  Those who see a glass as half full wish to aspire to be positive.  Anyone who knows me, sees me would say that’s one positive person. I do not know how often, I have been told by others “can you tone it down…”

Yet, I can also be a quiet, reserved person and no one knows the truth that brews below.  There have been many times when I contemplate, if I am such a positive person then why have my desires not come within my reach; why do I have many challenges.  Then I am gently reminded, “God gives his strongest Angels, the most difficult moments.”-unknown  This makes me smile and think, ” Wow God is really impressed with my strength.

Which leads me to the truth of who I really am. Life is responding to me, and yet my positive side feels confused and wanders in a lost state.  I am a multidimensional spiritual intuitive energy healer; I was not always able to say this.  I always knew that I am different and not like others.  As I tell my students, I am quirky and proud to be quirky.  Nevertheless, I tried to fit in and be what the famila felt I should be.  My soul, my heart are not happy with this.  I am urged to go into the energy healing  life; unfortunately, I veered to the right and went first into business then education.  I am and have always been an educator and enjoy the creativity that comes forth from my heart intuition.  My heart intuition bursts forth directly from source.

About a year ago, I ushered the words, “God I wish to be my true authentic self.” This can seem all glorious, and it has been one incredible journey.  FInding me, finding my truth, my true me, finding the light that lives within me a beautiful soul began to spark through.  It’s not easy to say, I lost the love of my life, my two special needs boys had trials and I hit rock bottom.  Falling down in a way that surprised me, my sister and friends. One moment I would be on top of the world and the next, I would have tears streaming down my face that could fill up the ocean.  One day a dear angel came forth, “can you hear me.”  I can hear, see the angel its magnificent Archangel Michael.  He said, “God has heard your prayers, he is going to answer them.  Are you prepared to be what you seek?”  I agree, I allow, I surrender to who is the true me, what is my truth.

My truth came forth and I began my journey,  as I mastered my ascension up the spiral.  The things that I have reclaimed, as I click my heels three times and return home to the ONEness that is me; it is amazing and in my nature, I work very closely with angels, animals, energy and so much more.  The next stage of my journey is just beginning and this post to my blog is definitely stepping out a comfort zone and box, and yet, I find myself excited as what the mystery will bring.

In truth, is love: I am love, I am light, that is who I am.  May you be Magical Blessed with love and light.


3 comments on “What is One’s Truth…

  1. Linda says:

    That is beautiful and so are you.YOU are an Angel and I am glad I have privilege of knowing you and hopefully seeing you alot more in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. karenzagea says:

    Thanks for being here and sharing your journey with us! Your work is very inspiring and useful in these changing times. Healing with angels, Reiki, harmonics, nature… I love everything you offer and I hope your message arrive to those who need more light in their lives 🙂 Much love!


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